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All equipment is provided.     Please contact Susanna to book and reserve a space


Tel:    07812 132058

Cornerstone Community Centre:

Church Road, Hove, BN3 2FL

Thursday Evening     8.00pm - 9.30pm

£8      per class

£42    6 week block bookings

£7      per class (concessions)

The Beginners Course: The Basic Principles of Dynamic Yoga

Class Description:        An introduction to nourishing, sensitive, safe and effective yoga.  Establishing the fundamental principles of yoga guided by somatic enquiry and repetition of movements in flow and stillness.   Experienced practitioners can apply these principles to ground, clarify,  and deepen their practice .   Each class will guide the student using techniques to awaken and sensitise the body, focusing on feet, legs, hands, arms and spinal muscles, but not exclusively.   A step by step process (vinyasakrama) is used to help the student learn, through direct experience, classical yoga techniques including, pranayama (free breathing), vinyasa, (moving with breath), asana (postures) and concentration.

The class will  provide the student with experience and principles that will enable students to practice any style of yoga.  Is is accessible and effective for anyone, no matter what their physical abilities, experience or age may be.  The only requirement is to come with a beginners mind.