Come and be just as you are

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The Dynamic Yoga Training Method invites the body to sensitively flow in and out of different postures, and hold them still using the dynamics of integrity to express and reinforce the intelligence of the body using five key principles:

sensitivity, honesty, openness, being present, generosity.

Dynamic yoga invites you to respond to what you feel by deepening and developing our intimacy with the intelligence of our own body, through somatic inquiry, and respond accordingly.  It does not follow any outside authority or ritualistic practices. In essence the invitation is always to what is actually happening rather than what our mind would like to be happening. By experiencing and applying this on the mat it may unfold positively into our lives off the mat, generating more joy, peace and health mentally, physically and spiritually.  At the very least it can yield a calmness supporting us through the waves of life that we experience. 


Dynamic Yoga Training Method

“While the physical benefits of yoga are both fruitful and endless, yoga is a journey of self-enquiry rather than self-improvement.”             Godfrey Devereux

Please contact Susanna for more information and to book a class